Recap: November 2018 Tech Day

Another incredible event for the Orange County DeLorean Club! On Saturday, November 17, 2018, the OCDC held our second Tech Day, and the turnout was incredible – *13* DeLoreans and more than 20 people attended! Of course, it was a perfect Southern California day, at 75 degrees… in mid-November.

Orange County DeLorean Club November 2018 Tech Day |

Several members of the DeLoreans San Diego club drove up, as well as people from West LA, Oceanside, Covina, Whittier, and even Fresno! For several owners, this was their first Tech Day with the OCDC. And once again, Richard and Sheila McMillen graciously hosted the group at their home. A HUGE thanks to them for the hospitality and energy! New connections were made, lots of stories were told, and lots of work got done. DeLorean owners learned about products for cleaning and repairing their cars, as well as lessons and information on how to clean and repair their cars. It was just a wonderful day of socializing and work.

As with most DeLorean Tech Days, this event was also a chance to do ‘show & tell’. One of the newest (and coolest) things was the all-electric power steering installed in Gordon & Cathy Carpenter’s DMC #10987. At least one louver/sunshade reinforcement was installed; a couple of cars installed new (much needed) fuel lines; and one car installed a high-quality battery cutoff switch. It’s too difficult to have everyone report what they did on their cars (or helped other people do,) but from the activity, it was clear that a lot of great stuff happened on Saturday.

As the day progressed, more DeLoreans showed up. This made for some fun pictures, and surprised neighbors. Richard and Sheila’s neighbors loved stopping by to chat and take photos, and we loved sharing the cars with them. The event was scheduled from 9a to 2p, but with so much going on, we didn’t get around to doing a group photo until after 3p, so two DeLoreans had already left… but hey, a photo with 10 DeLoreans is still pretty great.

The Orange County DeLorean Club sincerely thanks all those who attended the event – it wouldn’t be as much fun without all of the DeLoreans and friends who show up. We’re excited for more events, parades, activities, and get-togethers in the future.

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