Recap: May 2019 Tech Day

Another great turnout for a DeLorean Tech Day! This time, in Oceanside at Ken McMillen’s place. 10 DeLoreans made appearances and a bunch of stuff got done.

Ken was working on his windshield washer bottle (and it was a pain!) Chris Mack changed the oil in his car, Dave Tavres installed LED low-beam headlights (and finished the full-width 3rd-brake-light mod,) Richard McMillen cleaned up the wiring in his fuse/relay/wiring box, Gordon Carpenter was tweaking his dwell settings, and as always, Tyler Sparling was giving several people a hand with their projects, as were Rodger, Todd, Justin, and Don.

It was also fun that Ken’s house is in a short cul-de-sac, so just three of the cars were in the garage and driveway, while all the other DeLoreans parked around the circle and right in the middle of the street. Lots of neighbors stopped by to see the random collection of DeLoreans. It was a fun day!