Recap: March 2019 Car Wash and Detailing Day

March 2019 Car Wash & Detailing Day | Orange County DeLorean ClubWow! What a day! 9 DeLoreans and 11 people joined the Orange County DeLorean Club to wash and detail the DeLoreans. The event was a great success!

We’re thankful to members Skip & Patty Vaughan for hosting all of us and really making everything come together. What was originally planned for noon to 3pm, turned into noon to 7pm! Everyone was having a great time, and unlike our Tech Days, this Wash & Detail day was all about CLEANING! (Okay, Chris Miles DID jump into some tech stuff and helped several people fix little – and big – things, but it really was all about the cleaning!)

It was an expected slow start, as people didn’t start getting there until about 12:45, but things got underway quickly after that. TONS of cleaning supplies, a couple of water hoses, a couple of air hoses, several buckets, more than enough brushes and wash mitts, LOTS of clean towels and oh-so-many cleaning products made it a great work day. That, combined with 68 degree temps and a bit of sun (there were a few sunburns at the end of the day!) made for a lots of sparkling clean DeLoreans.

Part of what changed the end time of the event was that Skip suggested ordering a giant family pack of wings from WingStop, so everyone kicked in $10 and, along with Patty’s macaroni salad, we all had a great meal together, sitting in the middle of a bunch of clean DeLoreans.

Chris Miles, once again, gets the virtual prize for driving the further for the event, coming from Fresno, but we also had Deric Kempsell who braved the traffic from Culver City. Of course Skip and Patty were there, as they hosted, along with David Daniels, Tim Angers, Don Steger, Todd and his son, Nick White, and Dave Tavres. Thanks to everyone who attended, and for everyone helping everyone else. The Orange County DeLorean Club is well on its way to becoming a great club!