Last Minute Lunch 2018-09-29 – RECAP

2018-09-29 'Last Minute Lunch' | Orange County DeLorean ClubA ‘Last Minute Lunch’ yesterday turned into a great get-together, with SEVEN DeLorean owners, and FOUR DeLoreans!

Jeffrey Bellinger, a DeLorean owner from San Diego, was coming up to Orange County on Saturday for lunch, so someone in the Orange County DeLorean Club suggested inviting other owners to join them. That was on Thursday evening. The hope was that one or two other people might stop by Rubio’s for a quick bite, but it turned into quite the ‘event.’ Lunch lasted over two hours, with tons of great conversation.

Not only was it a great surprise turnout, but we got to ‘introduce’ Jeffrey to the wonderful community of DeLorean owners. AND, we also got to welcome Don (a new local owner of just 3 days!) to the community as well!

Once lunch was done, we got some good photos of the four DeLoreans all lined up in the parking lot of Rubio’s, before we parted ways. But even then, the fun didn’t stop. For another couple of hours, several of us stopped by one of the owner’s homes to tinker a bit, then a couple of us headed back to Don’s warehouse to check for some parts and have Don do some more work on their car. Not bad for a ‘Last Minute Lunch!’

If you’re a DeLorean owner from outside the Orange County area – with or without your DeLorean – let someone know so that we can try to get together. And if you’re an owner IN the Orange County area and just want to get together, create an event in the private OC DeLorean Owners group on Facebook.