Recap: 2019 Spring Drive

Another great success! We had a fantastic turnout of DeLorean owners for the 2019 Spring Drive, as well as several DeLorean fans who came by DMC to check out all the cars. We even got a visit from a former DeLorean owner, Rod Blankenship. There were a couple of DeLorean Time Machines at the shop, including Ernest Cline’s Ecto 88, a recently damaged DeLorean, and Gordon Carpenter’s recent frame-off restoration, including a new California legal upgraded exhaust. Everyone had a great time visiting and checking out cars, talking shop, and talking non-DeLorean stuff too. It’s always a great treat to have so many owners (and fans) come together to connect and share and learn from other owners.

Shortly after noon, we took off for a coastline drive along PCH. We headed due-west on Warner to hit the turn-around circle at Bolsa Chica State Beach for a photo-op, although the weeds in the middle of the circle was a bit high, so it was hard to get a good photo. But, it was a fun, short stop, especially since so many beach-goers got an impromptu DeLorean car show. Then we took the right-turn onto Pacific Coast Highway and enjoyed a nice day, and a nice drive south to Newport Beach.

2019 Spring Drive - Bolsa Circle | Orange County DeLorean ClubThere were 10 DeLoreans in the caravan, which must have made for quite the site as we drove along the beach front. Amazingly, the group was able to get through almost every light along the nearly 15 mile drive, which a few well-timed red lights, which kept the DeLoreans together. It wasn’t until were we just 1 mile away from our destination of Pick Up Sticks in Newport, that a red light split the group. That light was also just enough to catch one DeLorean in the throes of breakdown. While AAA took nearly 3 HOURS to get to the stranded DeLorean, it turned out to be the alternator… it had quit charging, so the stop was enough to drain the last of the juice from the battery.

A few other DeLoreans peeled off the group before we got to lunch, but we still had a great time on the patio. And have eight DeLoreans parked together in the Harbor View Shopping Center was another fun site to see for lots of shoppers! Lots of people were taking photos and exclaiming how amazing it was to see so many DeLoreans together. The meetup was fun. The drive was fun. Lunch was fun, and a great time was had by all (well, Todd didn’t have as good of a time.)

The Orange County DeLorean Club is happy to have so many great people turn out for these events. With people from our sister club, DeLorean San Diego, it was an other fantastic event.

OCDC 2019 Spring Drive | Orange County DeLorean Club